Lead Generation and Brand Awareness for a Local Charity

The pre-Christmas period is known for many charitable organisations calling for more  donations and boosting attention towards to their work and activities. Due to the noise in this space around christmas it can be difficult for charities to make themselves heard and reach the right target audience. Kindernothilfe, an international children’s rights organisation, confronted us with this challenge before Christmas 2019. They wanted: 

  • To announce their Christmas campaign to companies “Donations instead of gifts”
  • To communicate the various donation options for customers and employees
  • To create a four-page whitepaper that they could use for long-term marketing purposes
  • To generate leads (MQLs) with interest of Kindernothilfe’s “Donations instead of gifts” campaign

Our solution approach:

Together with Kindernothilfe, we quickly identified the relevant contacts within target
companies including, management and board of directors of SMEs, secretariats, HR employees and marketing and communication employees. Additionally, industries that were not part of the
of Kindernothilfe were excluded. 

In order to identify the target audience optimally, we decided to use an informative four-page whitepaper. Readers were given a practical guide on how and why companies should replace gifts with donations at Christmas time and the benefits of this to their own organisations. It was important that the whitepaper could still be used after the Advent season and thus make a long-term contribution to Kindernothilfe. We focused on how a corporate donation could be carried out on a long-term basis and how it could be communicated successfully and profitably to customers and business partners.

The results

  • An appealing and practice-oriented whitepaper that was very well received by the target audience.
  • Generation of 90 interested Marketing Qualified Leads within a very short period of time. Kindernothilfe could then further qualify them as required.
  • The campaign recorded an ROI of around 150% in the immediate aftermath – although by this time many companies had already completed their Christmas planning.
  • Increased traffic on the B2B landing page of Kindernothilfe.
  • Positive feedback: Many enterprises, which had already prepared a gift instead opted to give a donation.

The B2B Media Group provided us with optimal support in addressing numerous companies shortly before Christmas. We can and will continue to use the whitepaper later. With the help of the campaign, we were not only able to raise funds for children in need in the short term, but also have the long-term opportunity to get companies excited about our work and cooperation.
We would like to thank the B2B Media Group, who supported the campaign with a great deal of commitment and also provided financial support.

Judith Allert

Key Account Manager, Kindernothilfe e.V.

Our Customer: Kindernothilfe e.V.

The international child’s rights organisation based in Duisburg supports children in need and
stands up for their rights – so that children worldwide can go to school, grow up healthy and safe.
Kindernothilfe are currently supporting, protecting and helping more than two million girls and boys in 32
countries including: Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Children who live on the street. Children who work
instead of going to school. Children who have no future prospects: Together with many donors, sponsors, schools or companies, Kindernothilfe have been improving their living conditions in a sustainable way and has been supporting disadvantaged children towards having an independent and self-determined life for more than 60 years.

Kindernothilfe has received the DZI donation seal of approval for the serious handling of donations since 1992. In 2016, the child rights organisation took first place in the transparency test conducted by Phineo AG, commissioned by Spiegel Online.

Author: Natalie Weirich

11 Sep 2020

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