Directly into your ears! Podcasts in B2B

Do you listen to podcasts? The chances are currently 1:1 in Germany that you do. Trend rising (G+J Mobile 360° Survey 2019). Podcasts thus open up an additional communication channel in B2B marketing to reach your own audience with high-quality content.

But what is actually behind these podcasts? And why is it worthwhile for B2B marketers to take a look at this not-so-new tool? We provide the answers to these questions in this article.


What are podcasts?

Podcasts unfortunately have nothing to do with podracers ( also impressive!). The term probably originated in 2004, in the heyday of music digitalization. Podcasts are a composition of Pod (= Play On Demand) and Cast, which was borrowed from “broadcast”. They are therefore audio broadcasts that can be downloaded and listened to with a time delay.

The first podcast was also published in 2004: At that time the “Daily Source Code and Morning Coffee Notes” were created as RSS feed. Further podcasts followed soon.

For a long time, on-demand audio broadcasts remained a niche topic that primarily appealed to technically interested people. In recent years, however, as other OnDemand offerings, especially series and films, have become established in the consumer sector, audio has also followed suit. Podcasts today resemble radio broadcasts or talk show formats. The difference is that they can be listened to at any time and on the side using your own smartphone. For example, 56% of German podcast listeners say they listen to podcasts on the go (source).


How can B2B marketers use podcasts?

There are basically two ways to use podcasts in B2B marketing:

  1. Podcast Advertising
  2. Own Podcast

Both offer interesting opportunities to position yourself in your own B2B audience. Depending on company goals and resources, one or the other – or both strategies can be combined.


Podcast advertising

Podcast Advertising keeps what the name promises: These are advertising inserts in existing podcasts. To place advertising in podcasts, you don’t necessarily need your own show. If you find a podcast whose tone, audience and maybe even topic suits you, you can start a placement there as well. Please note: Podcasters edit their own advertising, i.e. you have to contact the creator directly and find mutual advertising conditions.

How can this advertising look like?

The B2C sector does it with promo codes: There, short clips in which the respective product is presented in the podcaster’s words are standard. In addition, there is a discount code or a landing page, through which there is a purchase incentive. A similar approach is also conceivable in B2B. However, it is better not to start with your offer directly at the point of purchase, but to offer additional information material for download. In this way, you can increase awareness and generate valuable leads.

There are basically three advertising placements in podcasts:

  1. Pre-roll: 15-30 seconds of play-in at the beginning of the programme
  2. Mid-Roll: One-minute clip as a classic commercial break during the show
  3. End-Roll: 15-30 seconds of play in at the end of the show

Own Podcast

The same conditions apply to the creation of your own podcast as for all new marketing channels: If you have a goal and a plan, give it time to establish itself. 20 broadcasts and half a year should be enough.

Especially with a company podcast, you should make sure that you pick up on exciting specialist topics and don’t let the seeding come to nothing. Well-known interview guests create additional coverage – they are also happy to share their own coverage with their followers.

You can find detailed tips and best practices for your podcast on Advertisecast.

Is it worth having your own B2B podcast? If you do everything right, you will definitely reach your audience and create awareness for your brand and expertise. Those who listen to you regularly learn from you – this creates brand loyalty and strengthens your thought leadership in the long term.


Our conclusion on B2B podcasts

Podcasts in B2B marketing are definitely an exciting affair! They help companies to generate attention, brand loyalty and leads. The technical aspect is particularly advantageous: If you regularly discuss the topics of your industry in a professional manner, the industry will acknowledge this. In addition, more and more Germans are regularly listening to podcasts in their spare time – this also increases the demand for professional topics. B2B podcasts are therefore a wonderful means of communication to achieve your marketing goals.


Author: Mareike Schindler

8 Apr 2020

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