Exact Business Software reaches B2B customers online using video

Our customer: Exact Business Software

Exact Business Software offers international and medium-sized companies integrated business software solutions for finance, ERP, HRM and CRM. With strong local products and a successful international solution and service portfolio, Exact has developed from a student start-up company to one of the leading providers for the Germany, Austria, Switzerland (DACH region).


Aim of the B2B audience campaign

The goal was to use a B2B audience campaign as a video pre-roll to draw the attention of many decision makers of medium-sized companies to the Exact Business Software brand.


Solution approach

      • Selection of suitable signal givers (specialist portals) from the target sectors of financial accounting, wholesale, services and logistics & warehouse from the B2B audience network
      • Creation of a landing page by Exact Business Software.
      • Targeted rediscovery of the above-mentioned business target audiences within the framework of a B2B audience campaign.
      • Drawing the attention of the above mentioned target audiences via video pre-rolls in the TomorrowFocus environment.
      • Leading the potential interested parties to the Exact Business Software landing page.

The results

  1. By using the B2B target audiences from the Aumago audience network there was no wastage.
  2. An above average click-through rate (CTR) of >7% was thus achieved.

Author: Dirk Wischnewski

15 May 2016

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