This is how we activate specialist tradespeople with display advertising for AEG Haustechnik

AEG is one of the pioneers in the use of electricity. For 125 years, AEG has been convincing as a brand supplier in the project business with innovative products “Made in Germany”. Reliability is its strength – in product development, AEG Haustechnik sets the highest standards in terms of quality, technology and design.


Aims of the AEG “Heißer Herbst” campaign

  • Specialist tradespeople are to receive a heating appliance free of charge when buying AEG hot water appliances.
  • The aim of the B2B Alert was to draw the attention of as many specialist tradespeople as possible to the campaign.


Solution approach B2B Alert

  • Selection of suitable signal transmitters (specialist portals) for the target audience of specialist tradespeople from the B2B audience pool.
  • Additional use of keyword matching on the specialist portals to narrow down relevant users (target audience).
  • Creation of a landing page by AEG Haustechnik
  • Targeted retrieval of skilled tradespeople anywhere on the web via our technology.
  • Specialist tradespeople are made aware of the “Heißer Herbst” with banner advertising all over the web.
  • Leading the potentially interested parties to the AEG landing page.

The Aumago B2B Alert enabled us to address exactly the target audience that was relevant to our campaign. The fact that other marketing measures also benefited was a nice side effect.

Werner Stapf

Head of Marketing, AEG Hausgeräte

The results

  1. By using different banner formats, 40,000 potential customers could be addressed with the campaign.
  2. Over 2,700 website visitors were measured during the campaign period.
  3. The visitor rate of the “Heißer Herbst” campaign was 5.50% in the end.

Author: Dirk Wischnewski

8 May 2017

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