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B2B content for a new marketing routine

With these contents you are reaching your audience in the future

What we are currently experiencing is probably the emergence of a new everyday life – private and professional, across all companies and departments. And although this fact may still intimidate us, it also holds a chance: We now have the unique opportunity to redesign our B2B marketing everyday life and to break new ground!

Fortunately, as B2B marketers we are already familiar with a wide range of online tools. This is now to our advantage! After an initial phase of collecting and observing, we can now flexibly sharpen our tools and get started. Only one fallacy must not be allowed to get us on the wrong track: We cannot exchange an old tool like trade fairs 1:1 for a new one, because they all work differently. We should also bear this in mind when choosing our tools.

But what content and means are available to us for a new B2B marketing routine?

First things first: Text Contributions and Articles

If people stay at home, their need for information increases. This also affects their media consumption: blogs and online magazines as well as industry and news portals are recording corresponding growth. That’s why you should never neglect this classic channel in content marketing! If you can, you should even increase your time for it. 

Use the situation for yourself and distinguish yourself with well-researched and well-prepared professional articles and advertorials for your audience. Feel free to try out different text variants and language styles – but eventually find your way to “your” voice. 

If you do not yet have your own blog, now is the time to start one. Develop a (rough) editorial plan and get started! 

Also important to satisfy the information needs of your audience: e-books, whitepapers and product presentations. If you rarely meet in person, a lot of things can be done digitally. While it was previously important to prepare all the arguments that made the purchase decision online, this is now becoming the central means of choice. Of course, these assets are no substitute for your sales department. However, with good coordination, you can help them with qualitative and well-prepared arguments. Don’t be afraid of cooperation, even if it ” gnashes ” at first.

Stay digitally social

Our new everyday working life will be even more digital than before. For this reason, social media will also have a greater presence in the future, as this is where we can present new ideas, discuss and exchange specialist information. If you haven’t already done so, get in touch with your audience on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and co.

By the way: On our LinkedIn channel we regularly publish the most important developments in data-driven B2B marketing. Just follow us! 

The same applies to the organisation of webinars and online conferences. Stream directly to your customers’ home office and go into depth on specific topics. In line with your needs, you can present current developments or your own solutions. The important thing is: Define the goal and target audience and only then start planning! 

If you are open to new formats, you might also want to take a look at podcasts. With these on-demand audio recordings, you can discuss current issues at length – and at the same time provide your audience with comprehensive technical information. 

These formats will have to be put on the substitutes’ bench for now

However, our newly forming everyday life also requires changes and omissions of what has been familiar and successful so far. For the time being, B2B trade fairs and conferences are discontinued, as we have been used to them so well until now. They will definitely come back! But as long as they pause, our everyday life will remain digital – the first organizers have already reacted to this and turned their previous attendance events into virtual conferences.

As a result, flyers and most other printed materials will have a break. How should you get these advertising materials to your audience? Exhibition halls and offices – both important target addresses for your direct mail – are empty. As long as this condition is maintained, you must either take a break or become creative. Perhaps selected customers will send you their private address? Then a special postal message can even work wonders… 

However, you can confidently do without panic mongering and pessimism. On the one hand, it doesn’t help us in B2B marketing, on the other hand, our insecurity diminishes with every day that we work according to a new pattern. We can already look back on initial findings and best practices. These experiences of success will soon accumulate. So: Fresh to work! Let’s shape our new B2B marketing routine together.