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Av. 3X greater CTR than industry Av. 


Av. Viewability rate versus 70% industry Av.


Av. MQL to SQL conversion


Av. minimum 6X ROI

Advanced Targeting

Advanced Targeting

Unrivalled match rates for your ABM display and a database with 12M+ unique accounts, not to mention pre-set audiences to choose from. 

If that's not enough, choose from a library of pre-set audiences based on your criteria or use our AI-enabled lookalike audience tool that finds and suggests more relevant accounts to target with your message. 

Whatever your audience or targeting requirement, we have you covered. 

Advanced Targeting

Keep The Competition Quiet

Our network of OMP, PMP and exclusive deals means your message lands on more quality sites than anyone else. 
It's why we generate greater reach, viewability and CTR compared to anyone else. 
Trusted by direct clients and the World's biggest agencies to deliver consistent, above average, impact on their media budgets. 
B2BIQ Data

More Than Just CTR

Impressions and CTRS are not enough. Track performance across ad formats, messaging, location and account and buyer-level engagements with other tactics.

Use B2B.IQ display insights to build a clearer picture of how often your audience is engaging with your brand and message.

Compare against other activity, map intent topics and with the help of our Priority Index, escalate high-priority and engaged accounts to sales faster with more intelligence. 


Trigger & Capture Demand

Find the accounts that are really engaged.

Compare disaply engagements with the right lead gen channels and start engaging with the accounts that matter. 

Take advantage of advanced engagement and account insights and improve personalised outreach. 

Trigger & Capture Demand
Monitor Account Engagement

Time to Convert

Monitor all your account engagements and progress across display and lead gen within B2B.IQ. 

  • Easily track which display assets are helping to convert accounts into MQL or SQLs.
  • Cross-check leads with display ads performance and zero in on a specific content or solutions your leads are engaged with.
  • Maintain and grow momentum and continually serve support messages and content to your leads whilst sales work on their outreach. 
Monitor Account Engagement

Why B2B companies rely on B2B.IQ


Data Quality







Client Feedback

"The campaign surpassed expectations, delivering >2,500 new leads, and a pipeline of >10:1. The support from the whole B2B Media Group team in campaign setup, recommendations, and ongoing optimisation was outstanding. The team was quick to respond to our technical queries and support us with a custom campaign setup that helped really drive the high performance. "

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David Taylor

Product Marketing Manager, Google Cloud

"B2B Media Group has provided the highest returns for our spending in the region with a 6X ROAS thanks to their quality data and marketing execution."


Julia Shashkova

Paid Media Specialist Asia-Pacific & Japan, Veeam

"Within 3 months of our campaign going live, our SDR team generated 6X ROI from the leads B2B Media Group generated for us. This is a huge success for us so far. The data hygiene and the team's work ethics was great"

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Claudia Wong

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing APJ, Crowdstrike

    Helping Brands Increase Their Revenues for 12+ years

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