Leads Gen in e-mail marketing: With proven means through the crisis

Anyone currently sitting in the home office or wanting to reach contacts there is now increasingly turning to e-mail. Quick success is guaranteed: Because if you concentrate on e-mail marketing campaigns, plan extensively and implement them carefully, you will receive numerous leads in no time at all. 

Gladly frowned upon, e-mail marketing is now becoming the main tool in B2B marketing. Lead generation without e-mails? Hardly possible! If you can’t go to events and business trips, if you can’t reach contact persons via professional telephone numbers and can’t send out flyers due to empty offices, you need an alternative. 

But how do I generate the best and most leads via email marketing?

Quite clearly – the most important principle of your efforts remains

Offer added value!

Only those who pick up interested parties and customers with high-quality texts and content will get their attention. Help your addressees even more than before to master current problems and challenges and provide, for example, concrete assistance. 

Also make sure that the segmentation is appropriate. If the recipients of your e-mails feel directly addressed, they are more likely to pay attention to a message and take the desired action. 

Which form of e-mail is suitable for what?

We have prepared a brief overview of the most important lead measures through e-mail marketing.

E-mail marketing for the acquisition of new customers and for interested parties

For interested parties who have not yet had intensive contact with your brand, the following e-mail types are suitable:

  • Blog newsletter
  • Industry newsletter
  • Lead magnets like white papers and infographics
  • Call for participation in a study including admission to the recipient group


E-mail marketing for lead qualification

If you have already established a first contact, it is important to build up this interest further. You will succeed in this with:

  • Company newsletters
  • additional lead magnets
  • Information and advisory services
  • Presentation of product information and novelties


E-mail marketing for customer retention and upselling

In any case, it is worth taking a look at the existing customer base. Because whoever has bought from you once and was satisfied is already convinced. Make use of this potential:

  • Newsletter of any kind
  • additional lead magnets
  • Information and advisory services
  • Presentation of product novelties

Use tests to find out which e-mailings your leads are particularly interested in and focus on them. In no time at all, you’ll build a broad contact base that you can easily reach from your home office.