How Metabo catched the attention of craftsmen with target group marketing

Where do craftsmen who need cordless garden ranges get their information? Possibly offline in various specialist and DIY stores or online via Google search, via comparison portals or via specialist portals: they search for specific keywords, look for products or directly for solutions they already know. They are on different websites, click on different links and thus leave a footprint that shows advertisers what interests they pursue. This knowledge of the target group then enables companies to place

 advertising exactly where their target persons are looking. And that’s exactly what it was all about when Metabo approached us to bring its battery gardening range to the right target group.

For the manufacturer of power tools, it was difficult at the beginning to identify exclusively B2B users for gardening and landscaping. Since the target audience can be found in many industries such as the building trade, renovation, mechanical engineering, steel construction, offshore, wind energy, special vehicle construction and plant engineering, Metabo looked for a partner who could give them access to the target group and at the same time was familiar with the appropriate advertising campaigns – us, the B2B Media Group.


Our solution approach:

Step 1: Attention and reach – by means of professional banners, we succeeded in arousing the interest of the target group where they looked for information.
Step 2: Curiosity and enthusiasm for the new product – the text-image ads first provided product-specific information and referred to the appropriate content in the background.

Now it started: First, the target groups had to be identified. For this purpose, the

 sales department sat down with the product management, discussed which products should be advertised and thus defined the target groups. With this preparation, we were able to identify the B2B professional users and find out where display advertising and text-image campa

igns could be successfully applied. However, in order to place ads in the appropriate places, we now had to create appealing banners and teasers for text-image ads. Once these were ready, we could play them out on different websites such as the craftsmen’s portals or The target of the prepared banners and text-image ads was the c

orresponding content on the Metabo website.

In this way, we succeeded in achieving the two campaign goals using different methods: In the first step, the banners in the display advertising campaigns generated the desired reach and attention for the battery garden range; in the second step, the users could then be inspired for the products by means of the text-image ads and the appro

priate content. In addition, it was important to be permanently present in the target group and to establish oneself as an expert in the industry. This was successful because the users gained can be used for future campaigns. In this way, Metabo can combine users from previous campaigns with new users, which gives the company the opportunity to address potential new customers while at the same time b

eing present with its existing customers.

And it was precisely this long-term approach that was also important when deciding on the right partner: as Metabo’s products, target groups and interests are constantly evolving, those responsible were looking for a partner who could meet all these requirements and provide advice and support.

That’s why we have been supporting them for several years with a dedicated account manager and set up different campaigns together. Due to this close cooperation, the setup process is lean. In addition, regular reporting calls take place, which help the manufacturer of power tools to optimise campaigns and achieve the best possible results.


The results:

  • Almost 100,000 craftsmen from the gardening and landscaping sector could be reached with the campaign
  • 1,200 potential interested persons on the Metabo website
  • 70,000 minutes of advertising time
  • As the operational process was completely outsourced, Metabo was able to focus on ad creation, which made the entire process much easier.
  • Time saving: Metabo’s own data pool of professionals could be generated within a few weeks. Normally, Metabo would have needed months to obtain such a high-quality database.

"Showing our battery products to gardeners, landscapers and other craftsmen via the B2B Media Group’s B2B target group network is an enormous added value for us. The quality of the data pool of professionals that we have generated through the campaigns will allow us to launch precise campaigns for this business area in the future."

Ann-Kathrin Bunz, Project Manager Digital Marketing, Metabo
Our customer: Metabo_Claim_neg_RGB_weiss_auf_gruen-jpgMetabowerke GmbH

Metabowerke GmbH, headquartered in Nürtingen, Baden-Württemberg, is a manufacturer of power tools. In addition to corded and compressed air solutions, the company consistently pursues the vision of the cordless construction site and are leaders in battery technology to offer professionals more freedom with the highest possible performance. Metabo holds more than 700 patents and industrial property rights. The Swabian supplier of robust, powerful and ergonomic professional solutions develops and produces for users in the construction and renovation trades and metal trades and industry.