Accelerate your pipeline

Identify prospects, engage buyers and convert with accurate and compliant B2B data

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Display Advertising

Our display solutions and data can increase CTRs by 3x compared to the industry average.

Content Syndication

Increase engagement and put your content directly into the hands of your audience.

Qualified Lead Gen

Prioritise time with qualified SQLs and BANT leads that are voice-verified, and opted-in 

Account Based Marketing

Combine your ABM list with our dynamic data. Prioritise outreach based on engagement intent.

Powered by B2B.IQ

In the fast-paced, competitive world of B2B marketing, your data, marketing tactics, and insights have never been more important.

Whether you need access to better data, increased awareness, qualified leads or account engagement intelligence and buying signals, we provide you with the full range of managed solutions within our B2B.IQ platform. Helping you reach your marketing and sales objectives.

Remove Marketing guesswork

Remove Marketing guesswork

Aggregating and segmenting insights and data points can be complex and extremely time-consuming. 

B2B.IQ removes the marketing guesswork and lengthy data analysis, providing you with an end-to-end managed solution across data, orchestration and engagement reporting.

Identify and monitor account behavioural signals and marketing interactions across your campaigns. Gather account intelligence and improve everything from personalised nurture streams to increasing conversion events. 

Powerful Campaigns & Insights

B2B.IQ sources, aggregates and classifies reliable and relevant, behavioural and firmographic data layers that are securely housed and centralised within B2B.IQ's database for your campaigns.

We partner with 500+ global B2B companies and media agencies including Dell, SAP, Oracle, Siemens, Vodafone and MediaCom to achieve their marketing and sales goals. Run precise media and lead generation programs that build awareness, encourage buying decisions and accelerate revenue.

Our powerful data and expert team of marketing ops guide our client marketing campaigns. That's why we have a <1% lead data error rate and, display CTRs 3X greater than average and a client retention rate of 98%.  

Powerful Campaigns & Insights

Built in Europe, utilised globally

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, we’re the trusted provider of marketing solutions and Account Engagement Platform of choice for leading technology, automotive and manufacturing brands globally. With our data-powered platform B2B.IQ we orchestrate touchpoints at all stages of the buyer journey with ABM, display and lead generation.

Designed and built by data and marketing experts, B2B.IQ identifies accounts interested in your solutions, and engages them at the right moment, with the right tactic and messaging. Uncover enhanced account engagement insights to prioritise and convert more of your target account into sales opportunities. 

Trusted Data

As members of the Internet Advertising Bureau, we uphold industry best practices via the Gold Standard, ensuring industry collaboration, governance, and regulation of digital marketing practices. We source data and real-time behaviour signals, cleanse and classify to ensure your campaigns have access to the most accurate, reliable data. Permission opt-ins come as standard with our client campaigns, giving you the reassurance of accurate, reliable marketing data that fuels pipelines. 


Trusted by the world’s leading brands and agencies for 10+ years

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Accelerate Your Pipeline

Identify the accounts you want to target, engage with them in multiple ways and then convert - all with the help of our data and platform.