How Adapteo positioned a new product on the market with content marketing and native advertising

Flexible and hybrid – two characteristics that are often associated with the HR sector, for example in work models, or with IT, for example in data transfer, but less so with the construction industry. But here, too, flexible, modular building elements that can be assembled and possibly dismantled as needed are more in demand than ever. Just think of additional storage needs, the creation of test centres or the expansion of office or school space, for example when the actual rooms are converted. If these modules are also built hybrid – consisting of different materials – new room worlds are created that combine the advantages of both elements. For example, the durable properties of steel with the sustainable qualities of wood. And it was exactly this hybrid modular construction method that our customer Adapteo was looking for to place its new product Adapteo Hybrid on the market.

The starting situation: Adapteo is known as the market leader in Northern Europe for modular buildings. However, the new product Adapteo Hybrid was not yet. It was to be communicated to the target group of architects and planners, civil engineers and municipal decision-makers with the help of a content marketing campaign – using its advantages and perfectly coordinated content.


Our solution approach:

All of a piece: Since the look and feel of the landing page corresponded to the ads, users knew immediately where they were.

A content marketing campaign that was to be delivered to the appropriate target audience using native advertising. Two factors were important for the success of the campaign:

The target group: In order to play out content to recipients, they must first be defined and found. We achieved this by generating the top target group from our network of B2B websites. In order to minimise wastage, we used additional keyword matching: this means that interested persons were only shown the campaign if they had previously read an article, seen a news item or downloaded a PDF in which one of these keywords appeared.

The right use of content: Since it was clear at the beginning of the campaign that the advantages of the Adapteo Hybrid product could be ideally transported through native advertising, we quickly started with the creation of the necessary content: we developed meaningful teasers (text-image combinations) that anteased the product in need of explanation to the target group on content-rich pages using native advertising. At the same time, we built a landing page (advertorial) that was designed in the look and feel of the teaser’s campaign page. For the interested person, this meant that when he clicked on the teaser, he was taken directly to the landing page, which offered him additional information and without him being redirected to external pages. Thus, he was still in the same reader environment. However, since this advertorial referred to the actual product – Adapteo Hybrid – external links could not be missing within the advertorial. These enabled users to click on the Adapteo Hybrid product landing page at any time.

By selecting the right target group and the following journey from the teaser via the advertorial landing page to the product landing page, a user journey was created that guaranteed a high quality of website traffic. In this way, it was also possible to reach more pointed target groups, such as architects and planners, and thus to establish the first touchpoint with the product.


The results:

  • 2443 advertorial views were achieved.
  • The average time spent on the advertorial was 46 seconds.
  • In total, 1 day, 7 hours, 12 minutes and 58 seconds of campaign advertising time was achieved for the Adapteo Hybrid product.
  • The campaign achieved 446 clickouts and thus high-quality users who reached the product landing page through the advertorial.

"Showing our product Adapteo Hybrid to a target group that is not easy to reach via B2B Media Group’s native advertising has, on the one hand, increased the awareness of the product enormously and, on the other hand, raised the quality of the users on our website. Native advertising has since become an established part of the marketing mix at Adapteo."

Gabriele Tertilt, Manager Marketing & Communications, Adapteo

Our customer: Adapteo GmbH

Adapteo GmbH, with over 30 years of company history, is an independent company belonging to the Scandinavian Adapteo Group. The company offers flexible state-of-the-art building solutions to the public and private sectors. It builds, rents and sells modular buildings and container facilities for a few days or permanently. With a modular and circular building concept, buildings can be redesigned, repurposed, enlarged, downsized or even relocated within a few weeks.