Jeremias produces B2B advertising pressure in the lead-up to the ISH

Campaign objectives

  • Creation of advertising imprint in the lead-up to the world’s leading trade fair ISH 2019 in Frankfurt in the B2B target audiences sanitary & heating, air-conditioning technology, ventilation technology, architects, TGA planners
  • Advertising the different types of chimneys and exhaust gas systems for trade and industry
  • Activation of potentially interested parties for the Jeremias products and from the website


Our Solution

  • Selection of the target audience from the sanitary, heating and air-conditioning technology sectors from the B2B audience network
  • Additional restriction to relevant specialist users within the framework of the industry target audiences for Jeremias with the help of a keyword set and subsequent keyword matching on relevant B2B specialist portals
  • Targeted display advertising in the B2B Premium Network
  • Retargeting to potential interested parties who had visited the Jeremias website

The Results

  • >50,000 interested parties were identified for Jeremias through the campaigns and are available in a data pool for further campaigns.
  • 2,200 specialist users were guided through the campaigns on the Jeremias website and made aware of the products.

"With Aumago, we were able to digitally distribute products and services to our B2B target audience both in the lead-up to the ISH and throughout the entire year without wastage, and in this way achieve significantly more attention than with alternative campaign models."

Oliver Trautner, Head of Marketing, Jeremias GmbH

Our Client: Jeremias GmbH

The Jeremias Group from Wassertrüdingen in Bavaria is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of flue and chimney systems for private, commercial or industrial applications with over 100 different CE certified systems.