Accelerate Pipeline Across Your Target Accounts

Our Account Engagement Platform B2B.IQ helps Marketers identify, prioritise and activate enhanced outreach & lead generation programs.

Account Engagement Platform


Orchestrate engagement at all stages of the buyer journey.

With the help of our AI-driven B2B.IQ Account Engagement Platform, marketers can drive account engagement and demand generation, aligning with sales to advance the buyer journey, and drive growth.

Dynamic B2B Data

Dynamic B2B Data

Our AI-powered Dynamic Data Process analyses and maps behavioral B2B signals and company data to thousands of industry segments and keywords. Turning complex user data into relevant, actionable insights.

B2B.IQ Platform

B2B.IQ Platform

The Dynamic Data is housed within our B2B.IQ Account Engagement Platform. Enabling marketers to orchestrate touchpoints with prospects at all stages of the buyer journey with precise display and scalable lead generation.



B2B Data Ecosystem

With over 100M+ verified contacts and 12M+ company accounts, we hold one of the largest databases of relevant B2B buyers globally. Collecting and analysing 112M+ signals per month across 30+ industries.



Account Discovery & Prioritisation

Identify which of your target accounts are actively searching for your solution. Uncover new accounts from your target taxonomy to prioritise and activate on. 

Account Discovery and Prioritisation


Account Orchestration

Touchpoint Orchestration

Orchestrate Demand and Lead Generation Programs at all stages of the buyer journey and feed relevant content and messaging to increase engagement and conversion.



Enhanced Outreach

Target relevant members of the buying group and serve content that resonates further. Use omnichannel tactics to deliver the right message at the right time.

Enhanced Targeting


Data Integrations - DSP

Data Integrations: Use our data in your DSP

Use our B2B data in your preferred DSP when you self-manage your programmatic campaigns. Choose from over 140 industry segments and reach e.g. business decision makers, craftsmen, architects, etc. or let our audience management create individual segments for you.



Analysis & Insights

Understand which accounts and personas are engaging the most across campaigns. Align with sales to prioritise and convert quicker. Measure which programs impact sales revenue.

Campaign Analysis and Insights

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