What B2B content should I use across the buyer journey?

B2B buyers want an increased level of personalisation when it comes to researching and purchasing new solutions. Depending on their position, job function, and industry, the content they seek needs to resonate with them throughout each stage. 

Whilst it can be efficient to send out a client case study to all mid-funnel MQLs on your ABM list, it may not translate into an increase in conversion. More personalisation is required as well as the formats the content is delivered in. 

We look at some of the types of content and formats that can help drive better conversion across your marketing outreach. 

When developing content:

  1. Define your target audience and personas.
  2. Be specific with the types of accounts and industries you are targeting.
  3. What are the job functions and titles of the buying committee? E.X. Finance and IT will require different types of content to help in deciding on a solution. 
  4. What content is available (or needs to be developed) to speak to these audiences?

Content types for the buyer journey


Awareness Stage/Top of Funnel

Buyer has a problem or need that requires research and information

Content theme: Educational & helpful (no CTA or sales language):

  • Guides, steps, tactics
  • Infographics/slideshow/animation
  • Blog articles – with Subject Matter Experts “SMEs”
  • Research, insights, findings
  • Video: podcast, Q&A, fireside chat


Consideration stage/Mid Funnel

Buying committee review possible solutions that address current problems or needs

Content theme: Highlight solutions that address needs:

  • Product/solution overview
  • Live/OnDemand Webinars
  • Video: Product solution video, recorded demo, animation. 
  • Client case studies


Decision Stage/Bottom of Funnel

Decision-makers compare solutions against each other. Usually requires more information to help make the final purchasing decision. 

Content theme: In-depth analysis:

  • Demo/trial
  • Meeting request
  • Product/tech spec sheets
  • Analyst reports


Key things to remember:

The above content areas are a guide and should be personalised further depending on the industry, persona, and job function.

Think about the types of roles these decision-makers are in. What are they responsible for and what do they look for to ensure they are marking the right decision for your solution?


Interests & objectives of B2B Buyers:

IT buyer:
Operational continuity, system improvements, and upgrades, security, access management, technical details, company requirements

Finance buyer:
Operational costs and ROI, compliance, the economics of TCO, the impact of solution across rest of business

Similar to finance- compliance & impact across the rest of the business. How can this solution bring about a long-term benefit operationally and financially. 

Marketing Buyer:
Ease of adoption and integration, ROI, measurement, insights, automation

Enhancing pipeline and conversion, automation, account insights, personalisation options, flows & sequencing, increasing outreach and win rates. 

Improving efficiencies, and response times, reducing costs, and increasing outputs. 

Protecting the business & interests, ensuring compliance, and future-proofing the business (new & incoming regulations, audits, etc).