Our 5 Best Tips for Successful B2B Marketing

How can B2B marketing be carried out successfully?

This question probably concerns every B2B professional among us.

Because although we understand our business, there are always new approaches and suggestions that improve our work even further.

Today we will reveal to you what our 5 best tips for successful B2B marketing are.

1. Data is the key to everything

B2B marketing can no longer be imagined without data. Data-driven marketing provides B2B with rare insights into top target groups, behaviours and customer wishes. Therefore, it is no wonder that the use of Data Driven Marketing is increasing rapidly:

27% of marketers want to significantly increase their focus on data and analytics by 2020.

Another 56% at least want to increase it.(1)

The well-founded data analysis enables you to focus even more on the performance and correct addressing of your audience. Knowing what your customers value makes marketing materials and campaigns more successful.

Data is crucial to everything when it comes to further analysis:

You can only measure KPI with the help of the corresponding data. Account Based Marketing does not work without data. And even marketing automation can only succeed with insights into when which funnel should run how.

2. Fire up campaigns!

Many B2B companies have a limited organic reach of their content. Sometimes this may be due to brand awareness, but much more often products are aimed at highly specialized niches. A clientele of a few thousand scattered people is therefore not surprising.

In addition, many algorithms today are geared to giving priority to paid content. In individual cases this goes so far that organic traffic almost comes to a standstill.

However, those who rely on brand awareness and the development of new audiences will not be able to avoid display campaigns and performance marketing.

The fastest measurable effect is achieved by data-supported targeting campaigns on the interests and professions of one’s own target group in order to reach decision-makers. Targeting with Intent Data embodies the freestyle of the whole.

Social seeding offers another touchline. Spread your content regularly via social networks, you will build your own community. This can also give campaigns the necessary push. But be careful: just as you can start a viral campaign on social media, a shitstorm can counter you with critical topics.

3. Attract your B2B audience with lead magnets!

Speak of “added value”.

Content Marketing delivers 3x more leads than traditional marketing measures. At the same time it costs up to 62% less.(2)

Thrilling contents are the best lead magnets. We are big fans of exciting e-guides and discussion-friendly webinars. These formats serve two purposes: the need for in-depth information and problem treatment, as well as the critical examination of current developments. It is important not to turn the formats into a sales channel, since::

In order to really inspire leads, appealing content is needed that simultaneously delivers on all the promises made.

Words and pure product advertising otherwise quickly lead back to opt-out…

4. Personally tops fast

People buy from people.

This proverb is also true in the B2B sector.

Whether it’s an in-house exhibition, industry events or specialist congresses – ultimately we are all just people who talk to each other.

That’s why personal contacts pay off. Those who get to know their counterparts from the world of business as experienced personalities, perhaps even have already talked shop together, trust them more.

Moreover, industry events help to get to know relevant personalities in the first place. On panels, in discussion forums – but also when wandering from booth to booth, business partnerships that may last for decades can result!

So invest in your personal business relationships.

5. Think long-term!

Without question, short-term success is important. If there is a lack of turnover, this will also become critical for the raison d’être of marketing?

But fast money is not everything.

Long-term success is part of a healthy company. Only those who build a strong, trustworthy brand can retain customers in the long-term. Branding is the buzzword of the moment here.

Especially in the B2B sector, sales cycles are long. Very long. If you are dealing with financially significant investments, you must also assume that the purchase decision is not easy for your counterpart.

So give your customers some time.

But don’t forget them either!

An appropriate marketing funnel informs and interests your leads and buyers even over longer distances. In this way you can bridge the period until they buy (again) without much effort.

A long-term plan also pays off if the marketing team is decimated due to unforeseen illnesses or budget cuts.

What techniques do you use to improve your B2B marketing?

(1) Adweek Branded, Dun & Bradstreet: B2B enters the experience era. 2020 Data-Driven Marketing & Advertising Outlook, September 2019.

(2) Demand Metric, 2017, accessed via the statistics compilation worth a read at https://www.hubspot.de/marketing-statistics.