Advertising banner - the basis of every Online campaign

You probably know this situation: You want to inform yourself on a website, but the first thing you see are the colorful, flashing advertising banners on the right, above, left or between the sections. Although originally known from the B2C sector, they are also a central component of every online campaign in B2B marketing – whether programmatic or not. Why? Because this is how companies manage to present their products and services directly to the right target group. That’s why the right design – visually, but also linguistically – is extremely important, because if the advertising message is not right, all effort was in vain. Now we show you what your banners are all about and give you tips for the design of your advertising material. 

Banner design

It flashes. It shines. It screams for attention. For the user this is usually a distraction that he finds unpleasant. Therefore, you should avoid it at all costs. Of course, banners should attract attention – but in a pleasant, not too penetrating way.

If you follow a few basic principles when creating them, you will succeed without any problems. Here are the most important tips:

  • as little text as possible on ads
  • a unique and clear Call-To-Action
  • an emotional, humorous or thrilling imaging
  • striking, but not disturbingly designed
  • no too strong animation, in order not to exceed the limit of the distraction tolerance

In addition, an experienced designer will certainly help you to produce a balanced and professional result if you are unsure or need creative ideas. 


 Central banner formats

In addition to the design, it is important to choose the right sizes for your online ads. Many companies design their banners according to IAB standards, especially in the sizes 300×250, 160×600 and 728×90.

Even if these formats are still central, you should design additional sizes. This way you can successfully advertise on even more pages, because the old standards are less and less integrated on websites. Accordingly, in addition to a set optimised for mobile use, you should also focus on the newer billboard formats such as 800×250. Awareness guaranteed!

Please do not be mistaken in thinking that mobile advertising banners are not necessary for B2B campaigns. Here, too, the trend in the last two years has been very clearly towards mobile formats. This is because B2B users are more and more often on the road to trade fairs, conferences or customer meetings outside the current situation. The trend towards greater availability outside working hours is also increasingly attracting B2B users to mobile devices. The company mobile phone is thus becoming a constant companion. 


After the click: The landing page is also key

The more attractive and interesting your landing page is designed, the better your entire advertising campaign performs. A simple and intuitive usability should be as important as a fast loading time. In addition, you should have dealt intensively with your target audience beforehand: 

  • What’s on their minds?
  • What problems do they have to solve?
  • How do you as a company best address these issues?

Create incentives to solve these problems easily. This significantly increases the click probability of your online ads. The conversion should also be easy for the site visitors: If you ask for as little information as possible, the willingness to fill out and send an integrated form will increase. The lower the hurdle for the user, the fewer bounces and aborts you will receive. 

You have probably already gained valuable knowledge about your landing pages in previous campaigns. Do not let this knowledge trickle away, but use it specifically for your follow-up campaigns. This way, nothing stands in the way of your successful online advertising. Good luck with the implementation!